Memmius Monument

Memmius Monument is situated on the north side of the Domitian Square. It was constructed during the reign of Augustus in the 1st century A.D by Memmius, the grand son of dictator Sulla. One can see the figures of his father and grandfather on the blocks today. The structure has four facades, in the 4th century A.D, a square fountain was built on the northwest facade.

Dictator Sulla was a hero for the Romans in Ephesus. When the taxes were too high in Ephesus they were fed up with the yoke of Rome. They needed a miracle and it was the Mithridates of the Pontic Empire on the Black Sea Coast. His famous motto was ‘Asia for Asiatic’. He killed 80,000 Romans with his army. Three years after his revolt, the Roman army, under the command of Sulla, conquered Mithridates and brought security. This monument was built to remind this conquer in 87BC.

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