The Snake Cult

During the Roman Empire there was a large medical school in Ephesus. The medical tools can be seen ‘house findings hall’ in the museum of Ephesus. The symbol of the hospitals in antiquity was the snake on a staff. As in Biblical times looking to the snake on the staff of Moses brought healing, they used the same symbol.However they symbolized the god Asklepios.

Asklepios was the god of health, medice, and physicians. He was the son of the sun god Apollo. Apollo had a mortal lover, Koronis. Apollo, as was his duty, carrying the sun from the east to the west was able to see everything on earth as he was on the Mountain of Olympia. One day Koronis betrayed him. So Apollo saw it and killed her with a thunderbolt. But he remembered that she was pregnant. He came to the earth and saved the baby from her womb. The baby was called Asklepios. Apollo gave him to the horse Chiron. He taught Asklepios every secrets of healing. Even he became so wise to raise the dead. The God of the underworld and deaths was so nervous and complaint about him to Zeus. Zeus had to kill Asklepios when he was working on a formula.On that rainy that the formula went into the earth and grew the useful garlic as a remedy of many sickness. Asklepions were the only hospitals of ancient times.

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